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Water Restoration & Repair

Water Damage Restoration in Houston

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A delay in water removal and drying can cause mold and the need for mold remediation that may not be covered by insurance if you don’t have special coverage. Serving Houston and surrounding areas, we work quickly and in accordance with industry standards, using state-of-the-art water restoration equipment to protect your property. Our company employees are highly trained by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC): the highest certification available.

Water Restoration Services (Serving Houston & Surrounding Areas):

  • Residential Water Restoration and Repair for:
    • General Water Damage
    • Flood Damage
    • Flooded Basement
  • Commercial Mold Remediation and Removal
  • Emergency Services
  • Carpet Removal and/or Drying
  • Sheetrock Removal and/or Drying
  • Floor Removal and/or Drying
  • Drying of Cabinets

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Flooding causes special problems because of the high likelihood of contamination. It must be dealt with differently and promptly. Our restoration company in Houston, TX, is ready to help. Whether removal of carpet, flooring and sheetrock is required will be dependent upon the extent of water damage and contamination. We will assess and advise. Our supervisors are trained in water damage restoration in Houston, and also are licensed mold remediation contractors. They will advise on the best treatment to prevent mold and eliminate bacteria.

We will work with you and your insurance company to develop the best plan to protect your property from mold and bacteria. It is important that the remediation work is done in accordance with industry standards because mold and bacteria can cause illness.

You can trust us with your water damage emergency.
In the event of a water damage emergency, whether from flood damage or a leak, expect a call within 30 minutes. One of our experienced and trained project managers will arrive first. We strive to have someone onsite as soon as possible since water damage can increase rapidly if not addressed right away. The project manager will determine the scope of work and the best way to resolve the situation with the least amount of disruption. We provide you with a free written, detailed estimate*. A water restoration crew is then dispatched to your location with the required equipment to begin the drying process. Clean Air Restoration works diligently to dry the structure as quickly as possible to avoid any unnecessary damage. Clean Air Restoration’s professional staff will arrive in uniforms and company vehicles. All employees go through a background check, because we understand your home is important to you.

Water damage in Houston, TX, may be covered by your insurance. We work directly with many insurance carriers. We will speak with your adjuster to make sure our services are covered and assist with filing a claim. We realize that your loss was not anticipated and insurance does not always cover the damage. Therefore, Clean Air Restoration has secured a financing source for our customers. Ask us for details.

All Clean Air Restoration supervisors specialize in water restoration, have had extensive training and are licensed Mold Remediation Contractors. Our procedures ensure each job will be performed to the highest possible standards.

Clean Air Restoration is State licensed and bonded, and carries two times the State insurance requirements in Texas. We believe we owe this to you, our customer.

Every Job Adheres to our Strict Guidelines

  • Estimates

    A free estimate* is provided for all mold remediation, fire, and water restoration work. No hidden fees or expenses. Our commitment is to you. And that’s a promise.

  • Rigorous Standards

    Rigorous proprietary standards are followed for every job. Expect professional results from a professional team. All of our employees undergo a thorough background check.

  • Quality Checklist

    All 75 items on our quality assurance checklist must be completed and verified.

  • Hi-Tech Equipment

    Clean Air Restoration uses only the most state-of-the-art equipment available for our fire & water restoration and mold remediation services.

  • Ultra-Insured

    Clean Air Restoration is licensed, bonded, and the company has general liability insurance for 2 times the State requirements of Texas.

Don’t let mold dictate your health. Click here for a free in-home estimate*.

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