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Clean Air Restoration is committed to using innovative technology and best practices to deliver satisfactory results to our customers. Property restoration services shouldn’t be complicated. During the chaos of a flood or fire, or in the aftermath of a mold infestation, Houston residents and commercial property owners need a process that works for them, one that eliminates redundancies and results in the most affordable rates. Fortunately, our team uses Xactware’s ContentsTrack™ to thoroughly catalog and repack all of your belongings during the restoration process. ContentsTrack™ simplifies the inventory process of our job.

Reduced Restoration Timeframes with ContentsTrack™

In the past, our restoration specialists used different computer software and analog documentation methods to inventory your property during restoration jobs. While we pride ourselves on our thoroughness, we couldn’t avoid the time spent and the redundancies of those systems. When we decided to look for a different way of doing things, we found ContentsTrack™. ContentsTrack™ makes our jobs easier, sure, but it provides an invaluable service to you as well, ensuring your property is restored quicker and more efficiently. With ContentsTrack™, we’re able to perform inventory, pricing, and auditing tasks in half the time we used to.

Real-Time Updates on All Phases of the Process

Not only does ContentsTrack™ allow us to manually input damaged property into a centralized system and attach photos, but it also simplifies the cleaning and restoration process by providing a one-stop-hub for all restoration services. For instance, one of our professionals can search for your antique armchair and receive instant updates on the status of its restoration. This allows us to deliver highly-efficient results at every step of the restoration process. To learn more about how Clean Air Restoration uses ContentsTrack™ to provide enhanced customer satisfaction, contact us today.


If your home becomes flooded or damaged by mold, something has to be done with your furniture and belongings while your home is restored. The average home has about a dozen large items like sofas, chairs, TV stands, and more. Not only that, but your home likely has hundreds of small items like dishes, cutlery, pictures, and more. All of your stuff has to be packed and moved out before restoration services can begin. Content pack out services handle all that for you, and your belongings are organized and tracked with our state-of-the-art system.

How Does Content Pack Out Work?

Our team of trained experts starts by inspecting all your belongings and itemizing them. We sort them into two groups: salvageable and non-salvageable. We create a detailed inventory and accurately document all damages that have already occurred. This is necessary for your insurance claim. From there, we transport all your items to our secure climate-controlled storage facility. You can keep your belongings in storage until your home or business has been restored, or until you obtain alternative housing. We also store any unsalvageable items for insurance inspections. Using ContentsTrack™ streamlines the entire content pack out process.

Why Clean Air Restoration Has the Inside Track

You deserve to choose the best company for mold damage removal, water damage cleanup, and content pack out services. Clean Air Restoration conducts background checks on all our employees. We’re licensed and bonded, and we carry double the general liability insurance required. We use the latest high-quality equipment, and our supervisors have years of experience. We complete every phase of the project, removing all trash when we leave a job site. When it comes to content pack out service, using ContentsTrack™ gives us the edge over our competitors.


Our secure storage facility is climate-controlled and monitored 24/7. Your belongings will remain in the same condition we found them in, which is especially important for insurance purposes. ContentTrack™ helps us to keep an accurate inventory of your belongings in our storage facility. You and your insurance company will have access to your salvageable items, and we also store your non-salvageables in case they need to inspect them.

How Much Does Content Pack Out Service Cost?

The cost of our content pack out service is subject to insurance approval. It’s typically calculated using a Time and Material (T&M) basis. Upon approval, your insurance company will pay us directly. Water damage is generally covered by your standard homeowner’s insurance policy. That same policy may or may not cover mold damage. Be sure to check with your insurance company or ask one of our experts about your situation.

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When you need home renovation services in Houston, TX, Clean Air Restoration is the team to call. Our experience with mold damage removal and water damage cleanup means we’re well prepared to help you out. Take a deep breath and try not to let the stress of your situation get to you. You can count on us for the content pack out services you need. Contact us today to learn more or get the process started.