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Industrial Mold Remediation

Industrial Mold Remediation in Central Texas

Blackhill Restoration has got you covered in any disaster: water, fire, smoke, and mold within Residential and Commercial buildings and specializing in Industrial, Warehouse and Chemical Plant settings. Blackhill Restoration will mitigate the issue at hand so you can have peace of mind. When it matters, and health, safety and time matter most you can be confident in Blackhill Restoration.

Virologists wearing hazmat suits disinfecting parking with spray chemicals

Mold Assessment and Mold Estimate

Clean Air Restoration offers many different services including marine remediation. Shipboard or offshore mitigation requires specialized training and equipment. Clean Air Restoration has fully trained and licensed technicians to get the job done correctly. Whether your barge is dockside or you need offshore support, we will be there to help.

Marine Mold Remediation

Marine mold remediation requires a more unique approach than traditional mold remediation on land. Each situation can be different, requiring a more creative approach to containment in order to mitigate the growth of mold; ensuring it does not spread to unaffected areas. Our technicians are highly trained and qualified for this type of work. We use environmentally friendly products to inhibit any growth from spreading. Consider Clean Air Restoration for your barge and large boat mold remediation and water mitigation dry out.