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I wanted to thank you for the fabulous job your crew did “cleaning” our home after recent flooding. Not only did they handle a filthy, nasty, HOT and sweaty job quickly and efficiently, they did it with the most fantastic attitudes. Not one of the guys working on our home grumbled or complained (or hugged the fan like I was often doing), but did the job with smiles and, it could be said an almost grateful attitude. Your crew did not seem to mind having my husband and me underfoot “helping” and were all polite and very respectful in their behavior and their language. I was shocked to find out that several of the guys were new to the team as they all acted like they had worked together for years and seemed to shift from one task to another without any noticeable instruction. It was also nice to see a “supervisor” stop by every day to check on things. From the sales guy to the least of the crew, we were very impressed.

Perhaps best of all, working with such a nice group of guys really helped ease the trauma of having everything you own destroyed and dumped out on the street corner.

Grateful Customer

I wanted to thank you for the fabulous job your crew did “cleaning” our home after recent flooding. Not only did they handle a filthy, nasty, HOT and sweaty job quickly and efficiently, they did it with the most fantastic attitudes. Not one of the guys working on They were flexible to work with. The team was really pleasant and professional. They saved us money and actually cared about our issues and remained open and transparent about charges and why.

Satisfied Customer

They were quick, straight forward with their price, and detailed with their work.

Thankful Customer

This e mail is long overdue. Please forgive me for my tardy communication. My wife and I would like to tell you how much we appreciate all that you and your company have done for us. Your staff has been incredible and really saved us in a time of real need. And everyone that they have brought in has been top notch. In particular, Jarrod has been a life saver. He has gone over-the-top to make sure everything is done in the best possible manner. And he has worked really

hard and long hours. I am so thankful that you sent Charles back to remind me that you owned this company. I cannot imagine what we would have done with anyone but you and your team.

Jill, thank you so much for the dog beds and treats. They have helped out immensely in the hotel and will help in the rent house. Here is a photo of Cara resting comfortably.

Job Details: Fire Loss – 9,000 SF House – full packout, full demo, full construction, full electric rewire

Appreciative Customer

I wrote a mold remediation protocol for a residential project requiring remediation of numerous rooms. The project manager called me for clarification prior to commencement of remediation.

We perform clearance inspections for different mold contractors on a regular basis. Mold remediation is time consuming and a major inconvenience for our customers so we want the project to go smoothly and pass clearance with one inspection. Getting it right the first time is very important.

Clean Air Restoration followed the protocol completely and left the project containment areas much cleaner than most. They did an excellent job without the need for a second inspection.

Area Mold Assessment Consultant

I want you to know you guys are my heroes. It may take time due to funds to finish putting it back together, but I’m home and will start rebuilding tomorrow. You have made me feel safe knowing I have done the right things. I won’t forget you guys and if I can ever help, I’m a phone call away. Please don’t stop what you’re doing. People need you. I will put a post on Facebook to let people know. And to warn about putting walls up before being dry. I so needed your help and God sent you to me. I’m so grateful, words cannot express. I’m scared people don’t understand what you taught and will regret all the work when it’s not complete or done correctly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Water Customer

At the conclusion of the FEMA inspection of our home this afternoon, the inspector motioned to me that he wanted to speak to me. After approaching him he stated that he had done approximately 200 home inspections since his arrival in the area and what he observed being done at our home was the neatest and most organized cleaning and restoration effort that he had seen. I requested that he reiterate this comment directly to you so that you could hear his comments firsthand, which he gladly did upon your joining us.

You should be pleased and satisfied to receive his compliments for your efforts, and we are very pleased to learn about the quality of the job Clean Air Restoration is performing for us.

Flood Customer

I wanted to personally thank you and your team for the services you supplied to one of our commercial bakery customers.

We received a call on a weekday morning from a hysterical business owner, a water line in one of their bathrooms had ruptured and there was water everywhere. In addition to reporting the claim to her insurance carrier, we also advised that we would put her in contact with a water remediation company.

We had not used Clean Air Restoration before: we normally recommended a “National” remediation provider. I called and you answered. Within minutes after our conversation, you called the customer and even better, had a crew there within hours.

It was the first time in my lengthy insurance career that a customer called and thanked me for sending over a remediation contractor. I feel you and your team not only did excellent work but you helped the customer understand the adjustment process and feel confident that her business would survive the loss.

We, as an insurance agency, were so impressed that Clean Air Restoration is now prominent in our referral list for remediation and restoration work.

Managing Director of a Multi-Agent Insurance Firm

Being told the home we had loved and now needed to sell, had a serious mold problem was a shock! That was followed by feelings of intense fear yielding an ongoing list of questions to be answered. Online there were 4 companies we researched. The depth of information & high quality of customer service made choosing Clean Air Restoration a no brainer. From Dan C. Sales Operations Manager to Julio, remediation crew leader & Louis rebuild crew leader, we were treated with respect & courtesy. Our ever looming questions were patiently and often repeatedly, answered with invaluable technical and legal information, delivered with empathy and great warmth. Without experiencing those valuable qualities in the entire staff the experience would have been devastating. That ever present compassion combined with their professional skills, competence and willingness to accommodate our comfort levels were unlike any other home service experience we have ever had. When all was said and done we felt fortunate to have found such a valuable resource when we were in such great need. So if you are looking for assistance with a mold issue in your house look no further . . . you can relax because you are “home” with Clean Air Restorations.

Kathleen B.