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Ran Into Water & Smoke Damage in Houston, TX? Don’t do This.

Fire damage can be a devastating experience for both home and business owners. While it is already difficult to overcome and repair damage from fire or smoke, there are some simple things you should avoid doing during the restoration process.

Don’t handle ash and residue on your own

If this task is handled improperly, you could damage walls and other surfaces even more. Respiratory distress is also a possibility if you breathe these elements in, so leave it to the professionals.

Don’t use appliances and electronics

Ash and debris may have gotten inside the components of any appliances and electronics that were in a smoke-filled room. Turning them on before they have been inspected and professionally cleaned will risk damaging them.

Don’t eat leftover food

Smoke contamination will have made any food that was home during the fire likely unsafe to consume. Instead, throw food items away and inquire about having them as part of your insurance claim.

Don’t clean clothing or furniture

These items may need to be replaced to avoid potential respiratory problems. Consult with a professional who can first help you determine what can be salvaged from what is beyond repair.

If you’re unsure of what to do after a fire, it may be tempting to take on the cleanup process immediately. However, our experts of fire restoration in Houston have specialized training in handling and restoring fire damage to your home and possessions.

home exterior with fire damage