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3 Key Questions to Ask Your Houston Restoration Company

If your basement has flooded or your business is starting to smell of mold, you are likely looking to obtain help from a restoration company as soon as humanly possible. However, it is important to take a moment and ask the company’s representative some essential questions. Here is what you should ask a restoration company before deciding on whom to hire.

Is your company licensed and bonded?

In Texas, a restoration company must be registered with the state. This helps ensure that any potential legal issues can be resolved.

Is your company insured?

Contractors should do their best to avoid causing any accidental structural damage while providing mold removal services in Houston. If any damage should occur, you should not be held responsible. That being said, the restoration company you hire should carry the general liability insurance that is required under Texas State law.

What certifications and experience do your technicians have?

It is critical that restoration technicians be trained and certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). You should also inquire about what type of restoration they specialize in; for example, a company may have decades of experience in fire restoration, but not mold remediation.

white wall with moisture and mold damage