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Houston Flood Damage Remediation: Tips to Avoid Further Harm

After the waters have receded and the area has been cleaned, most homeowners want to start the process of rebuilding their home as soon as possible. However, the foundation of your home has likely sustained a considerable amount of damage after absorbing flood water. The following are crucial steps to take before rebuilding your home after substantial water damage.

Shut off Your Home’s Main Controls

If your entire area has flooded, authorities have likely already turned off the gas and electric service to your home. If not, see if you can do so safely. Do not turn them back on until the damage has been addressed.

Contact Your Insurance Company

If you have flood insurance, file a claim as soon as possible. Take photographs if you can do so safely. If water removal services are performed before the insurance adjuster can arrive, you will need photographic evidence to justify your claim.

Call a Professional

It is never advisable for a homeowner to attempt to tackle flood damage remediation on their own. It is essential to contact a restoration company in Houston, TX so that an expert can identify any significant and immediate dangers. They can also aid in starting repairs to your property as soon as possible.

home surrounded by flood waters