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Five Types of Smoke Damage: Clean Air Restoration in Houston

Many people are aware that smoke damage can be devastating, and often causes more damage than flames themselves. However, not everyone is aware of the various types of smoke damage, or residue. Each type of residue resulting from a fire can have different impacts on your property and require different methods when it comes to […]

4 Common Causes of Holiday House Fires in Houston, TX

Fire officials say house fires are more frequent during the holiday season. Here are some of the most common causes of residential blazes this time of year, and some tips on how to stay safe while you celebrate. Christmas Trees If your Christmas tree is dry and brittle, it becomes more likely to ignite. Water […]

How to Secure Your Houston Home After a Fire Breakout

Many homeowners and business owners practice fire safety, whether it is in the form of prevention efforts or creating an evacuation plan. However, if a fire does occur, most people have little idea of what to do afterward. Hiring Clean Air Restoration is a smart move for anyone seeking help with fire restoration in Houston. […]

Ran Into Water & Smoke Damage in Houston, TX? Don’t do This.

Fire damage can be a devastating experience for both home and business owners. While it is already difficult to overcome and repair damage from fire or smoke, there are some simple things you should avoid doing during the restoration process. Don’t handle ash and residue on your own If this task is handled improperly, you […]