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Houston Flood Damage Remediation: Tips to Avoid Further Harm

After the waters have receded and the area has been cleaned, most homeowners want to start the process of rebuilding their home as soon as possible. However, the foundation of your home has likely sustained a considerable amount of damage after absorbing flood water. The following are crucial steps to take before rebuilding your home […]

3 Causes of Water Damage That Need Restoration in Houston

When you think of a property that is in need of water damage restoration, you may assume that the damage was sustained as a result of a storm or flood. However, The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) has chronicled the three main causes of water damage based on insurance claims for damage […]

Ran Into Water & Smoke Damage in Houston, TX? Don’t do This.

Fire damage can be a devastating experience for both home and business owners. While it is already difficult to overcome and repair damage from fire or smoke, there are some simple things you should avoid doing during the restoration process. Don’t handle ash and residue on your own If this task is handled improperly, you […]

Tips to Tackle Mold Damage After Flooding in Houston, TX

If you have experienced even a small amount of water seeping into your home from water damage, such as flooding or a broken pipe, you have the right to be concerned about mold. Mold can start to develop on damp surfaces within just 24 hours. Here are some important tips on how to tackle mold […]

Top Facts About Mold: Houston Restoration Company Explains

Mold can make you sick! It can cause congestion and sinusitis and lead to more serious illnesses such as respiratory and central nervous system problems, particularly if the mold is toxic mold. The type of illness and how serious the illness depends on the extent of exposure and type of mold. Allergies and the immune […]